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Jess Simonetti, Former St. Johns University Women’s Soccer student-athlete, Good Shepherd Domestic/International Volunteer

By January 25, 2015May 15th, 2015sports performance, testimonials

I’ve worked with Mark for almost 6 years now both individually and in group/team work. His ability to immerse himself in the energies of others is very unique and special. I feel both pride and deep gratitude that the universe has placed Mark in journey and would encourage anyone to invite Mark into their journey as a very special gift/opportunity. Working with Mark, both inside and outside athletics, I have discovered extremely powerful tools inside myself that I didn’t even know existed. I have come to connect with my self in ways that I didn’t even know were possible! Whether I was running to Mark’s office in between classes or soccer practice for in-person sessions or whether we have our sessions via skype from South America to North, it continues to be a life-giving process of growth, connection, and discoveries that I simply can’t describe via typing. Its just not that “black and white” and in fact continues to exude a myriad of brightness that surpasses all color charts.