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Alexandra Tannous – Lebanese National Team, St. Johns Division I fencer 2012

By January 25, 2015May 15th, 2015sports performance, testimonials

After only two meetings with Mark, my performance felt like it made a 180 degree turn around. After struggling for quite a while with my confidence and drive, I decided to make the initiative to get some help. Never having been the type to ask for help, making this initiative was a new experience and I had my doubts. Mark has a great inviting personality and his friendliness put me at ease, especially when it was such a novice experience.  In the initial hour I had spent, I learned more about myself, and about the interrelations that take place in my life, than I had ever expected. I’d communicate with Mark between meetings to “stay on track”. The night before a competition I had talked to Mark to help with some emotions that had been interfering with my performance. The next day, I had felt like a completely different person. I was confident, strong, determines and “in the zone”. I competed at my absolute peak; I haven’t felt that amazing in a while. I can’t thank Mark enough for enlightening and guiding me through all the stresses of life. Not only has his guidance helped my performance, but also my every day life. Mark is phenomenal, and I would recommend him to all my fellow student athletes!