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    My work with Mark has been life-changing, or perhaps better explained as life-inspiring. Through my therapy sessions with him, Mark has not only given me a broad lens with which to view both psychological and physiological health, but also my spiritual wellness. That broader lens has allowed me to really understand the interconnectedness of the elements of holistic health – health for the whole being. Mark’s calm and spiritual demeanor are a constant source of inspiration and support. Our sessions together are always a place where I find a gentle ear, a true confidant, and a wise and reflective caring response.

    Katherine Bescherer, Westchester County, NY

    My personal journey with Mark began in December at a time when I knew that a change was needed. My life was going through many difficult choices and obstacles and I needed someone to help direct me on a path that was challenging and to face the reasons why these obstacles were preventing me from having a fulfilling and peaceful life. As I struggled with a pending divorce and trying to raise children with difficult issues of their own, Mark had the grace of faith, trust and support like no other individual that I have ever known before. It is my belief that God has blessed Mark with these gifts because it is innate and comes so naturally to him and for me, the peace that I have wanted to achieve is coming into a life which has been stagnant for quite some time. In addition, to my own personal pain and issues, Mark has helped my own son, through his own issues with substance abuse and the realization of his own pain and the self-sabotage which he now is facing and trying to make amends and in which only a compassionate, empathetic and patient individual such as Mark can do. He has the incredible ability to make you process your pain, find your voice to express that pain, and then through his guidance help you find the “path” that you need to seek and need to focus on. I certainly am in gratitude for the tremendous support, faith, and trust that Mark has done for myself and my family. I often call and describe him as my “guru” because he is exactly that. I feel blessed that Mark has been an unwavering force in mine and my children’s lives.

    Patty Caverra

    Mark Armiento is a true professional in his craft. His dedication is unparalled and goes beyond his professional commitment and is felt on a personal level with every interaction. Mark is thorough and thoughtful in his approach and resolves issues by listening first and seeking to understand. He is a tremendous individual by all accounts. I strongly endorse Mark Armiento and would readily recommend him to anyone seeking his services. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

    Brian DeVinney - Director of Media Sales Coupons Inc.

    Our coaching staff considers Mark an invaluable resource for not only our players but for our support and guidance in many major decisions that we make as a staff. Mark has helped our team in a multitude of areas. We have seen tremendous personal and performance growth in all of our players who have sought his counseling. As a coaching staff, we seek out his expertise on group management throughout the year. The sessions he leads that force our team to work as a high functioning group teach our players skills in communicating and listening effectively. he is an instrumental piece in achieving our aim of empowering the young women in our program to great success on and off the field.

    Ian Stone, Head Coach St. John’s University Women’s Soccer

    Meeting Mark Armiento at one of his “Life Balance Workshops” at St. John’s University was by far one of the best things that happened to me throughout my college experience. During my one-on-one meetings with him, I was able to make huge transformations in my life that once seemed unchangeable. From working out family differences and dealing with closure, to finding my voice, I’ve learned to better my interpersonal relationships in every aspect. Mr. Armiento has helped me grow mentally and spiritually by giving me the tools of meditation and visualization which made a tremendous impact on my life. In the sport of track and field, which to me is 90% mental, focus is vital and not always the easiest thing to do. But with the knowledge of meditation and visualization it comes easy. Meditation has enhanced my spirituality and the process of visualization has given me the collegiate career that I literally dreamt of.

    The growth that I've endured within the two years of knowing Mr. Armiento is unbelievable. I am a living testament of Mr. Armiento's work and the experience that I've had with him is one that I would recommend to anyone who wants a better life.” “I just wanted to say thank you for all your love and support, all your help and just being so wonderful to me! ?

    I don't know what the end result would have been without you but I know I'm a whole better person because I know you. I end my season with no regrets and I am so grateful to God for the honor of being an Olympian. Thank you and love you.

    Phobay Kutu-Akoi, 2012 Olympian, London – Liberia’s 100m Dash Record Holder

    Mark’s emphasis on balance is an important lesson for optimal athletic performance. Student-athletes have many competing stresses in their lives-academically, athletically, socially and emotionally. Through Mark’s work, he teaches students the importance of identifying these situations while providing them the tools to develop appropriate strategies to effectively manage all aspects of their lives.

    Patrick Elliot, Director of Athletics at St. Peter’s College, New Jersey

    On a personal level, working with Mark has given me access to tools, such as meditation techniques, to continue on my path to self-awareness. I have gained a sense of peace in all aspects of my life and have uncovered new depths of creative energies. This has directly had a positive impact on my interactions with others as well, particularly as a coach and teacher. I am also proud to have been a part of Mark’s work with the St. John’s women’s soccer program. I am very grateful for the time he spends sharing tools, such as goal setting and communication skills, with young women to contribute to their academic, athletic and personal success.

    Michele Canning, NYU Head Women’s Soccer Coach / Former Women’s Soccer Coach at St. John’s University

    Mark, You are the best and I appreciate all your help with Phobay (2012 Olympian) and all the others you have helped. Phobay has come full circle and it is has been an incredible journey and a great St. John’s story. Mark, Thanks again for all your great work with Phobay. Seeing her march in the opening ceremonies watching her compete in front of 80,000 people in the Olympic stadium against the top sprinters on the planet really was remarkable and I know you had a great part in getting her there. From the Liberia to Maryland to the hallway in Carnesecca in Queens to the Olympic Stadium in London is some journey and one you had a helping hand in. I truly appreciate it, thank you for all your great effort, and ask that you keep up the good work.

    Jim Hurt, Head Track & Field Coach at St. John’s University

    I've worked with Mark for almost 6 years now both individually and in group/team work. His ability to immerse himself in the energies of others is very unique and special. I feel both pride and deep gratitude that the universe has placed Mark in journey and would encourage anyone to invite Mark into their journey as a very special gift/opportunity. Working with Mark, both inside and outside athletics, I have discovered extremely powerful tools inside myself that I didn't even know existed. I have come to connect with my self in ways that I didn’t even know were possible! Whether I was running to Mark’s office in between classes or soccer practice for in-person sessions or whether we have our sessions via skype from South America to North, it continues to be a life-giving process of growth, connection, and discoveries that I simply can’t describe via typing. Its just not that “black and white” and in fact continues to exude a myriad of brightness that surpasses all color charts.

    Jess Simonetti, Former St. Johns University Women’s Soccer student-athlete, Good Shepherd Domestic/International Volunteer

    When I was hired as Fort Lauderdale’s City Manager five years ago, I reached out for Mark’s help in rebuilding the City’s management team so we could better address a government in organizational meltdown. I needed a management team that could quickly and effectively address a financial crisis that had left the City with no reserves, a major insurance deficit, reductions in services, downgraded bond ratings, an employee exodus, and general public dissatisfaction. I had worked with Mark before and I knew how effective he was at getting a group of people to excel individually and collectively.Mark’s team building and peak performance strategies produced amazing results and our team started winning games in a big way. In a very short period of time, we were able to restore the City’s financial health and improve City services. Today, the City’s financial position is stronger than it has been in the City’s history, with a record high fund balance, a $10 million insurance surplus, an upgraded bond rating that ranks among the best of Florida’s largest cities, and property taxes and fees that rank among the lowest of Florida’s largest cities.Our ‘peak performance’ team has also produced significant results on quality of life issues. Since 2006, Fort Lauderdale has enjoyed its lowest crime rate in over 30 years. Property crimes reached their lowest levels in over 30 years. The streets and sidewalks are cleaner, the medians are better maintained, and code violations are resolved more quickly.

    As a manager of an organization of 2,600 employees with two decades of government experience, I can honestly say that Mark Armiento is the best I have ever seen at inspiring greatness in government employees.

    Mr. George Gretsas, Esq. City Manager: 2004 to 2010, City of Fort Lauderdale Current Homestead, Fla. City Manager

    Mark is deeply committed to helping people grow personally and spiritually. With his formidable skills and creativity his greatest gift is the personal presence and his commitment to accompanying people in their times of need. He is a blessing to all he serves.

    Fr. James Maher, President, Niagara University / Former Executive Vice President, St. John’s University, New York

    Mark Armiento is well qualified to assist a wide range of health and human service agencies with a diverse portfolio and expertise in training, consulting, management, and workforce development. Mark can also be an asset to corporations in the private sector that want support with strategic planning, organizational development, workplace transitions, and other areas. He is highly competent, reliable, and committed to excellence in all that he does.

    John Coppola, Executive Director of N.Y. Association of Alcohol & Substance Abuse Providers

    It has been 20 years since Mark Armiento first invited me to “awaken to the dance of life” I was an RN with 25 years of nursing experience now working in an adolescent drug treatment program and he was my supervisor. In that capacity he empowered me to attain the life skills tools by which to evolve from a somewhat co dependent human doing into the spiritual being having a human experience that I am today.Mark found a way to subtly become my life coach before this term was ever defined. Every project I undertook with his guidance simply could not fail. Consequently, through efficient time management, interpersonal and communication skills, stress management, leadership skills trainings and personal self challenge he provided, I have achieved success in my Nursing Career beyond my imaginings.Actualizing these skills has lead to my being awarded the Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services. NYS Addiction Nurse of the year title and appointment as co chair of the first ever Nursing Advisory Panel to OASAS.The best award I give to myself in that, with Marks guidance I have finally achieved the ability to be internally referred, no longer at the mercy of other people’s opinions to define me.Thank you, Mark. You are a skilled clinician and a visionary who sees clearly the self limiting issues others impose on themselves and you have the unique ability to provide the guidance needed to transcend and achieve.

    Joan M. Lohnes RN, LMHC Director of Nursing Services

    Mark is an inspiration and motivator. His ability to meet a person where they are, assess where they have been and then motivate them to move forward to reach their full potential in spite of the crippling fear that has trapped them in mediocrity is deliverance from bondage. Mark’s remarkable ability to encourage a person to reach deep inside their core and allow their talent and strength to propel them forward into the successful, fulfilling life that they have desired but never reached due to self sabotage for years is nothing short of miraculous. Mark’s creative ways of motivating a person to live life, embracing new paths and pushing oneself beyond their comfort zone while releasing the negativity that prevented them from soaring to new heights and lighting the lamp within themselves is reprieve from death. Mark awakens the reflecting pool in our minds so the clear circle of brightness allows us to blossom. My life today is proof of the above.

    Ms. Janet Lynch - Administrative Aide to Administrative Judge, NYS Supreme Court

    “I am empowered!! … Mark inspired me in so many ways; spiritually, emotionally & intellectually. He reached me with a depth of knowledge I have never before experienced and now feel more confident about entering the counseling field. Keep doing what you’re doing – You are an inspiration in my life and a remarkable lecturer.”

    Jeanette Sowell, 2010 OTI graduate

    “During my 23+ year career as a transition counselor, working with sentenced adolescents at an alternative high school on Rikers Island and then as a corrections outreach worker working with HIV-positive inmates at Nassau County Jail, I have written, presented and taken more training hours than I can count. But I have never experienced the caliber of an instructor as Mark. Every one of Mark Armiento’s classes continues to resonate with me and is helping me be a better person and counselor; in short it is helping me find balance in every aspect of my life. Mark is by far the very best that the Outreach Training Institute has to offer!”

    Ms. Roseanne D’Angelo, OTI graduate 2011

    “I have known Mark for a little over 1 yr. & have had the pleasure of experiencing several of his lectures on PTSD, Trauma, Neurolinguistics, & the Psychology of Addiction. He has vastly increased my educational knowledge in these important clinical areas.
    Finally, Mark is very passionate in his clinical tutorial instructions. He has inspired me in the clinical area os Spirituality. Mark has instrumentally enhanced my consciousness & inspired a vast positive change in my life that enabled me to successfully graduate his excellent OTI program.”

    Fred Hoffman, Jr.

    “It’s really amazing when I think about the positive impact you have had on SO MANY people. Do you ever think about that? You are truly blessed and are an inspiration for many. I hope that you never lose sight of that. By the way, I also thank you for your light in my life. You HAVE made a difference! I like to tell people what they mean to me while they are alive; in my opinion, that’s when it matters most. We may not cross paths frequently, but you have left an imprint inside of me that can’t be erased. Shine on!”

    Roy Radames, OTI Graduate

    “Thank you for the everlasting gift you presented for all of us in class, Mr. Armiento. There was so much emotions and passion coming through me in every moment in the class. I guess what I am saying is that I felt every chakra and matter inside me vibrating and it would not stop. There were times I wanted to explode but I held it in. There were so many things you were hitting inside of me that I am ready to release and so many purposeful things that I am feeling that calling for me not to resist anymore. You say huge things in such simplicity that heals a person the moment they allow it to be fed into their minds. I am not trying to put you on a pedestal or anything just sharing what you have invoked inside of me….Now I no longer feel the need to save others-Nor do I feel opted to be their hero. I just could not see any of that before Mr. Armiento, I so appreciate you that it is making tears coming through my eyes. …. When I see you Mr. Armiento you are like a huge ocean that magnetizes and purges humanity in authenticities. Thank you soooo much. My arms go around you with so much gratitude. Man Mr. Armiento you are a store house of GOD Power.”

    Michelle Wealth, OTI Graduate 2013

    “I’m a 64-year-old African-American grandmother, fulfilling a 10-year-old dream, once lost but now awakens as a direct result of the Mr. Armiento’s school. During his classroom lectures he spoke to me about self –discovery through using gentle humor , allowing me not to take life so serious- in the search for “Waldo”. He would smile while looking deep into my eyes, seeing my soul and replying: “ you’ll be introduced to the real Waldo soon”. Mr. Armiento has awakened my spirit, once deferred. Words cannot express endless joy that I have discovered in learning about me (a.k.a. “Waldo” ) "

    Laurette Ramsey, OTI Graduate