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Forgiveness is a Process

By December 16, 2014August 31st, 2016blog

letgodDuring this very special time of the year wouldn’t it make implicit sense to focus on the role of forgiveness in our lives?  Forgiveness is misunderstood by so many and yet so important to our overall health. Forgiveness is in its essence a gift to oneself. It creates peace of mind  and inner freedom because we are bound and attached lto anyone & anything from which we are tied emotionally. Forgiveness requires nothing except in an inner release. This release frees us of fear, guilt, and attachment. What’s essential to understand is that forgiveness is a process not an event and its in this very  process that we get rid ourselves of toxic emotions. In the profound words of Nelson Mandela: ” Having a grievance is like drinking poison and thinking it will kill your enemy”. If this holiday season  is the time for you to take quick actionand “let go” of past resentments and grievances – View my YouTube videos which will guide you along this path to forgiveness and life balance. Happy holidays to one and all 🙂