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True and lasting happiness comes through experiences of fulfillment

By December 8, 2009May 15th, 2015blog

We search all of our lives for happiness, living the delusion that it will appear during moments of personal wealth, pleasurable experiences or when our soul mate finally appears. The truth is that lasting happiness is a direct result of one’s contributions, spiritual insights, and expansion of our personal and collective consciousness. During the upcoming holiday season ask yourself:

Do I feel fulfilled? What will bring me lasting happiness?

If you answered the second question: If only I could receive that special holiday gift, be given that new _____ (fill in the blank), or manifest that physical changes that I’ve been wishing for, THINK AGAIN!

Our ultimate goal in life is always a spiritual one: i.e. peace, harmony, happiness (subjective state of joy), feeling “in tune” with the universe that you are part of.

Money doesn’t buy Happiness! 42% of those on the Forbes 500 richest list were less happy than the average person! Only 6% of lottery winners, reported being happier in life after they won.

When you begin working on your 2010 New Year’s resolutions keep only one thing in mind.

True fulfillment (more important than pleasure and longer lasting) can only be derived from making a difference in the lives of others/world (Golden rule), from moments of true insight, from feeling inspired and by becoming more aware (expanding your consciousness); recognizing that you are part of the wholeness of the universe!