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Patty Caverra

By January 25, 2015May 15th, 2015clients, testimonials

My personal journey with Mark began in December at a time when I knew that a change was needed. My life was going through many difficult choices and obstacles and I needed someone to help  direct me on a path that was challenging and to face the reasons why these obstacles were preventing me from having a fulfilling and peaceful life. As I struggled with a pending divorce and trying to raise children with difficult issues of their own, Mark had the grace of faith, trust and support like no other individual that I have ever known before. It is my belief that God has blessed Mark with these gifts because it is innate and comes so naturally to him and for me, the peace that I have wanted to achieve is coming into a life which has been stagnant for quite some time. In addition, to my own personal pain and issues, Mark has helped my own son, through his own issues with substance abuse and the realization of his own pain and the self-sabotage which he now is facing and trying to make amends and in which only a compassionate, empathetic and patient individual such as Mark can do. He has the incredible ability to make you process your pain, find your voice to express that pain, and then through his guidance help you find the “path” that you need to seek and need to focus on. I certainly am in gratitude for the tremendous support, faith, and trust that Mark has done for myself and my family. I often call and describe him as my “guru” because he is exactly that. I feel blessed that Mark has been an unwavering force in mine and my children’s lives.