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Leslie Cohen-Cassidy, Long Island, NY

By January 25, 2015May 15th, 2015clients, testimonials

So I am thinking of you a lot this week. I am feeling reflective because this Thursday I celebrated 20 years of recovery and sobriety (I know, can you believe it!). I think back to my early years and you were such a big part of propelling me forward to such bigger and deeper levels of myself,  life, recovery and healing. You shared your wings with me and I have held them close since.   Because of who you are, your guidance, support and role modeling, I have held on to all these gifts. You helped me to achieve a deep sense of spirituality, meaning and purpose. There are very few men in my life that I hold in high esteem- you are surely on that short list! And if that weren’t enough you helped Matt and I before we got married to really deepen our level of communication and support for one another. Thank you Mark for all your generous and thoughtful gifts that you gave to me and countless others!