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What kinds of life questions do you ask yourself?

By June 1, 2010August 31st, 2016blog

Do you live by the belief that if you were to continually ask yourself important life questions, that sooner or later the answers would just come? Asking ourselves life questions is only half the strategy for attaining success and happiness in life – the other half is discovering the right questions to ask ourselves. Most of us, if we are really paying attention to our thought process, will notice that our internal self-questioning presupposes a negative result. Do you perpetually wonder why unfortunate things happen to you in life and why you can never seem to be able to catch a break? Just maybe, those self-limiting questions of ours are connected to the adversity we complain about. We need to become aware of the fact that if we continue to ask ourselves disastrous questions it will only yield unsuccessful results. Therefore, it is essential that we become aware of how we perpetuate similar negative life events that we later complain about. What if, you began mindfully asking yourself more positive questions, such as;

What if, I could break free of self-limiting internal dialogue?

What if, I could release myself from negative emotions?

What if, I could live healthier while maintaining physical, psychological and spiritual balance?

What if, I could begin to manifest my positive intentions?

What if, I could stop re-creating the familiar negative experiences of my life?
Unlike the usual internal questioning that we are used to, the questions above will reap a much different response, one that will steer us towards a much more positive future. That being said, why do you think most fail to ask themselves healthier questions? First, many of us don’t even consciously notice that we have an internal life, one rich with self talk and laced with emotions. Second, they fail to understand the importance of discovering how to manifest mental, physical, and spiritual balance within their lives. Thirdly, they do not believe that their silent intentions are actually connected to the negative experiences of their lives. So you see, without awareness or consciousness that there exists a relationship between one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors we remain doomed to unconsciously repeat old conditioned responses.

Many of us still remain unconsciously incompetent at recognizing the immense impact of such robotic conditioning on their lives. There is an old adage; “you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink!? This is certainly true yet, this adage appears faulty. I have come to realize that even if you could bring the horse to water it will not insure that they will even be able to see it. During 30 years of clinical experience, I have witnessed many clients who did not possess an awareness (consciousness) to even recognize that they were being led to potential solutions (a.k.a. “the water”) to their life’s problems. They appeared too unconsciously stuck in the drama of their life stories. In other words, they remain asleep with their eyes open, most of the time in their lives.

The universe in its ultimate wisdom, continually attempts to wake up, those of us who are asleep. It does this by creating life events, both good and bad, which attempt to raise the our level of consciousness so that we might become aware that we are sleep walking.

One of these wake-up calls lies with the very text you are currently reading. It is my sincere hope that you are not saying to yourself, “What Water” ?