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Ronald Wegner, OTI Graduate, Pioneer Class of 1997

By March 8, 2015May 15th, 2015students, testimonials

“I enrolled in the Pioneer class and first met Mark on the opening day of OTI at St. Anthony’s in Woodhaven in 1997. From that day on I knew that I was on a journey of a lifetime, embarking on a career that would prove to be rewarding beyond all expectations. Mark’s passion for his work and vast knowledge of the disease of addiction inspired me and everyone in our class to learn all that we could from him. Mark’s style allowed us to understand, absorb and retain complex theories and use this information to engage and treat clients in a way that proved to be enjoyable and therapeutic. The most important lesson I learned from Mark was to ‘take care of ourselves.’ Mark always said that we could not effectively treat a client and work in the field if we personally were not ‘walking the walk.’ No truer words were ever said. Mark is a consummate professional who inspires all who come into contact with him. I am proud to call Mark my friend and colleague and thank him for all he has given to me and to the field. The journey continues…”