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Ms. Janet Lynch – Administrative Aide to Administrative Judge, NYS Supreme Court

By January 25, 2015May 15th, 2015clients, testimonials

Mark is an inspiration and motivator. His ability to meet a person where they are, assess where they have been and then motivate them to move forward to reach their full potential in spite of the crippling fear that has trapped them in mediocrity is deliverance from bondage. Mark’s remarkable ability to encourage a person to reach deep inside their core and allow their talent and strength to propel them forward into the successful, fulfilling life that they have desired but never reached due to self sabotage for years is nothing short of miraculous. Mark’s creative ways of motivating a person to live life, embracing new paths and pushing oneself beyond their comfort zone while releasing the negativity that prevented them from soaring to new heights and lighting the lamp within themselves is reprieve from death. Mark awakens the reflecting pool in our minds so the clear circle of brightness allows us to blossom. My life today is proof of the above.