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Michelle Wealth, OTI Graduate 2013

By March 8, 2015May 15th, 2015students, testimonials

“Thank you for the everlasting gift you presented for all of us in class, Mr. Armiento. There was so much emotions and passion coming through me in every moment in the class.  I guess what I am saying is that I felt every chakra and matter inside me vibrating and it would not stop. There were times I wanted to explode but I held it in. There were so many things you were hitting inside of me that I am ready to release and so many purposeful things that I am feeling that calling for me not to resist anymore. You say huge things in such simplicity that heals a person the moment they allow it to be fed into their minds. I am not trying to put you on a pedestal or anything just sharing what you have invoked inside of me….Now I no longer feel the need to save others-Nor do I feel opted to be their hero. I just could not see any of that before Mr. Armiento, I so appreciate you that it is making tears coming through my eyes. …. When I see you Mr. Armiento you are like a huge ocean that magnetizes and purges humanity in authenticities. Thank you soooo much. My arms go around you with so much gratitude. Man Mr. Armiento you are a store house of GOD Power.”