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Life Balance Advantage Bootcamp

By June 25, 2012August 31st, 2016blog

rocksPersonalized small group work (limited to 6-8 students) reserved for those who are serious about making rapid life changes. Participate in a series of six 90 minutes sessions focusing on becoming mentally focused, physically energized, emotionally centered, interpersonally connected and spiritually aligned. A process of personalized assessment including prioritizing needed life changes to maximize Life Balance. Long-term evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of selected life changes will be included. Sessions include:

Mentally Foused: Determining “What Matters Most” in your life

Interpersonally Connected: How can you change when youre carrying “Family Suitcases”

Emotionally Centered: Thoughts and emotions don’t share the same language

Physically energized: Energy must be considered our most valued resource

Spiritually Aligned: Accessing mindfulness consciousness in the present moment

To apply contact Mark’s office at or