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Kristina J. DiGangi, CASAC graduate 2011

By March 8, 2015May 15th, 2015students, testimonials

“In his teachings, I learned to value my life and to believe that hope was for everyone. Mark brings to the broken, the realization that cultivating kindness promotes acceptance, peace, freedom and happiness. Marks shows us that we can learn to be spiritual, we can learn to pay attention in the present moment and more importantly, we can change our habitual patterns our vulnerabilities to automatic reactions based on past experiences of hurt. Mark shows us that too often we’re on auto pilot, not even paying attention to what is actually happening in in the present, just responding to triggers that cause us to react automatically and defensively respond. The way Mark presents, it allows one to engage more fully with ones emotions and experiences. He shows us the infinite possibilities if we allow ourselves to hear and forgive and more forward without judgement for past actions that cannot be changed. I am forever indebted to Mark Armiento for the light he shed on my life and empowerment received from his message.”