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Joan M. Lohnes RN, LMHC Director of Nursing Services

By January 25, 2015May 15th, 2015corporate team building, testimonials

It has been 20 years since Mark Armiento first invited me to “awaken to the dance of life” I was an RN with 25 years of nursing experience now working in an adolescent drug treatment program and he was my supervisor. In that capacity he empowered me to attain the life skills tools by which to evolve from a somewhat co dependent human doing into the spiritual being having a human experience that I am today.Mark found a way to subtly become my life coach before this term was ever defined. Every project I undertook with his guidance simply could not fail. Consequently, through efficient time management, interpersonal and communication skills, stress management, leadership skills trainings and personal self challenge he provided, I have achieved success in my Nursing Career beyond my imaginings.Actualizing these skills has lead to my being awarded the Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services. NYS Addiction Nurse of the year title and appointment as co chair of the first ever Nursing Advisory Panel to OASAS.The best award I give to myself in that, with Marks guidance I have finally achieved the ability to be internally referred, no longer at the mercy of other people’s opinions to define me.Thank you, Mark. You are a skilled clinician and a visionary who sees clearly the self limiting issues others impose on themselves and you have the unique ability to provide the guidance needed to transcend and achieve.