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Andrea Zimet, Westchester County, NY

By January 25, 2015May 15th, 2015clients, testimonials

From the moment I met Mark, I knew I met someone special. I’ve worked with many therapists over the past ten years, each of whom have taught me something valuable about how certain events in my childhood may relate to who I have become today. Mark, on the other hand, lends a different approach to self-discovery and wellness. He focuses more on what is going on in the PRESENT and offers realistic strategies to conquer challenges. He does not dismiss the past as an important part of you, nor does he ignore the future as an opportunity to reach your goals; but more importantly, he teaches you to stay centered and calm on what is going on in life as it is happening. Mark is a gifted healer who listens, offers sage advice and truly cares about your well-being.