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Aima Davis, NYC OTI student

By March 8, 2015May 15th, 2015students, testimonials

I am not one who is easily impressed but Mark immediately got my attention! I was told by other students that I would love him because he has a great sense of humor, very knowledgeable and  vibrates on a level that is not the norm- he thinks outside the box!  Mark presents with such enthusiasm and passion, a great skill in and of itself. Mark vibrates on a level to where he is magnetic and you can’t help but gravitate toward him. He exudes energy and confidence!   If everything in life is energy his energy centers are lined and are lit up! Whom ever crosses Mark’s path consider yourself lucky. I am!  Thank you, Mark for the role you have played in my life in such a short amount of time-  You are a gift to so many!