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By January 25, 2015August 31st, 20169 steps

Energy in the human system is multidimensional. A dynamic relationship exists between physical, emotional, mental, interpersonal and spiritual energies. Changes in any one dimension of energy affect all remaining dimensions.

Ask yourself “how do I manage my physical energy?”

  • Do I participate in regular aerobic exercise, valuing the positive fatigue and personal success that results from the mind, body and spirit surpassing old physical limitations?
  • Do I refrain from the unhealthy use of nicotine, drugs or alcohol?
  • Do I follow a balanced, healthy diet by consuming many small, low-calorie, highly nutritious meals daily to ensure a steady intake of glucose and essential nutrients?
  • Do I consistently close my mind’s concerns away each evening, getting six to eight hours of sleep and awakening re-energized and looking forward to the day’s events?

Ask yourself “how do I manage my emotional energy?”

  • Do I notice when my negative emotions are costing me energy, courageously expressing different emotions (both positive and negative) while viewing constructive feedback as an opportunity to maximize my growth and development?
  • Do I proactively confront my fears, doubts and self-imposed limitations which hold me back from realizing success and happiness?
  • Do I assume responsibility for my actions and their consequences without becoming dependent on the approval and acceptance of others?
  • Do I learn from my past experiences and gain confidence from my achievements while living in this “present moment” and treating each moment as purposeful and serendipitous?

Ask yourself “how do I manage my mental energy?”

  • Do I regularly practice stress management and mental relaxation techniques including meditation, guided imagery and positive visualization?
  • Do I accept circumstances beyond my control?
  • Do I tackle my work or school demands by using mental energy to engage life while remaining realistically optimistic as I work towards a positive solution?
  • Do I support myself by practicing positive self-talk and effective time management?

Ask yourself “how do I manage my relational energy?”

  • Do I maintain a balance between my work or school time and my time with friends and family?
  • Do I listen to others, actively participating in building healthy relationships while maintaining lasting communication through phone calls, emails, greeting cards, visits, etc.?
  • Do I maintain clear boundaries with loved ones and avoid communicating on behalf of relatives or friends who find it difficult to talk for themselves?
  • Do I recognize my personal needs and desires and am I capable of sustaining intimacy, both physical and emotional?

Ask yourself “how do I manage my spiritual energy?”

  • Do I realize that my spiritual energy is derived from a connection to deeply held values and living life with a focus beyond my own self-interest?
  • Do I consistently live in the here and now: the present moment?
  • Do I have unexpected flashes of insight and moments of bliss in which I have a clear, deep feeling of oneness with all that exists?
  • Do I realize that I am more than just my internal thoughts or physical being?