awaken the spirit within


what if...

I could break free of the
self-limiting internal dialogue?


what if...

I could release myself
from negative emotions?


what if...

I could begin to manifest my positive intentions?


what if...

I could stop re-creating the
familiar negative experiences of my life?


Sleepwalking on a Tightrope

Transcend life’s challenges through learning the Life Balance Advantage

It is time to begin your process of self-awakening! When you lack self-awareness in your life, it’s like walking blindfolded down a long, perilous tightrope. When you attempt to walk along that tightrope with your eyes closed, fumbling in the dark, you will perpetually be falling. With inner balance and your eyes open, the path is challenging, but achievable. With ‘Sleepwalking on a Tightrope’ you will learn how to go from blind to fully self-aware in several important steps.

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About Mark

For over 30 years, I have been providing clinical, consultation and training services for individuals and professionals in the areas of personal development, alcohol and drug misuse, sports performance, organizational management and general health and wellness.

I have been employed for over 25 years at Outreach Project a 15-million dollar non-profit agency where I have held the position of Vice President and helped to promote the organization’s mission: “To inspire individuals and families to achieve a life of unlimited potential by developing and delivering the highest quality evidence-based behavioral health services and training.”

NEW! The Life Balance Advantage Podcast!

Mark Armiento Podcast

I’ve just launched my new podcast titled “The Life Balance Advantage.”

For people interested in discovering healthy and effective ways to awaken from their current life challenges and adversities. Are you physically out of balance? Anxious over what tomorrow may bring? Emotionally out-of-control, living in unhealthy relationships and suffering from a lack of life purpose? Learn how to overcome your adversities and live in balance; physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally and spiritually.

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Waldo’s Sunday School

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A series of instructional workshops focusing on “awakening to the spirit within” including such topics as Strategies of Master Achievers, Principles of Present Moment Awareness, Designing Your Personal Mission and Personal Leadership: What Matter’s Most

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Life Balance Advantage Bootcamp

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Personalized small group work (limited to 6-8 students) reserved for those who are serious about making rapid life changes. Participate in a series of six 90 minutes sessions focusing on becoming mentally focused, physically energized, emotionally centered, interpersonally connected and spiritually aligned.

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The Emotional Path

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How we use our emotions in life can be a great source of happiness or the plight of misery. Learning emotional independence and maturity; knowing specifically what you’re feeling and how to responsibly express it, is essential to true inner peace and happiness.

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What fits for you: Spiritual or/and Religious?

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Religious experiences are usually known as occurrences that are uncommon, in the sense that they don’t fit in with the norm of every day life experiences and are connected to the one’s perception of the divine. Religious experience is entirely a subjective phenomenon, however commonalities and differences have been argued by scholars for many years.

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An old Hasidic story

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“An old Jewish tribe in a middle European Country faces crisis. They are about to be invaded; they look to the old venerated Rabbi for guidance and wisdom. The Rabbi said he had no immediate answer, but he knew how to find one: he went into the woods. He lit a fire. He said a prayer. God answered his prayer. The Rabbi told the people what God had revealed. The people did God’s will. The village was saved. That was the experience.

Following the experience, the second generation said: “The woods we cannot find, but the fire we can, light and prayer we can say.”

The third generation said: “The woods we cannot find, the fire we cannot light, but the prayer we can say.”

The fourth generation said: “The woods we cannot find, the fire we cannot light, the prayer we cannot pray, but the story we can tell.”

Perhaps Carlos Castaneda was accurate when he said: “Those who have no power must settle for tales of power. Talk is cheap.” For that matter, so is the use of chemicals to alter consciousness.