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Mark Armiento

Ken Carney, OTI Graduate

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“I actually called Mark a Jedi Knight on my evaluation. Everything about him is simply amazing; his knowledge is ridiculous. The way he hypnotizes this room seriously touches me. I could go on forever, but let’s face it: I could sum it all up with one word, and that word is inspired!”

Roy Radames, OTI Graduate

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“It’s really amazing when I think about the positive impact you have had on SO MANY people. Do you ever think about that? You are truly blessed and are an inspiration for many. I hope that you never lose sight of that. By the way, I also thank you for your light in my life. You HAVE made a difference! I like to tell people what they mean to me while they are alive; in my opinion, that’s when it matters most. We may not cross paths frequently, but you have left an imprint inside of me that can’t be erased. Shine on!”

Ronald Wegner, OTI Graduate, Pioneer Class of 1997

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“I enrolled in the Pioneer class and first met Mark on the opening day of OTI at St. Anthony’s in Woodhaven in 1997. From that day on I knew that I was on a journey of a lifetime, embarking on a career that would prove to be rewarding beyond all expectations. Mark’s passion for his work and vast knowledge of the disease of addiction inspired me and everyone in our class to learn all that we could from him. Mark’s style allowed us to understand, absorb and retain complex theories and use this information to engage and treat clients in a way that proved to be enjoyable and therapeutic. The most important lesson I learned from Mark was to ‘take care of ourselves.’ Mark always said that we could not effectively treat a client and work in the field if we personally were not ‘walking the walk.’ No truer words were ever said. Mark is a consummate professional who inspires all who come into contact with him. I am proud to call Mark my friend and colleague and thank him for all he has given to me and to the field. The journey continues…”

Jeanette Sowell, 2010 OTI graduate

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“I am empowered!! … Mark inspired me in so many ways; spiritually, emotionally & intellectually. He reached me with a depth of knowledge I have never before experienced and now feel more confident about entering the counseling field. Keep doing what you’re doing – You are an inspiration in my life and a remarkable lecturer.”

Janet Lynch, Administrative Aide, Judicial District Supreme and Criminal Court

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“I believe that Mark Armiento unveils the value of spirituality in recovery, which should become the model and primary focus for treatment modalities servicing persons seeking freedom from addictive behaviors. Mark proves that over time, with the right mind set and a belief that there is more, people do transform their lives permanently.
I have seen and experienced personally a transformation in my own perception about life and my ability to really achieve my goals after being exposed to Mark and his Spirituality lectures. My classmates have all expressed inspirational transformation and perception changes because of Marks message of spirituality- they now look at their clients differently! Mark’s teachings about Spirituality in Recovery make it easy for people like myself, to shout to the world, “this is it!”- Here is where you can find the answers to questions you’ve been asking all your life – Here is where you can find the first day of the rest of your life. The hope in Mark’s selflessness equips students with a message that brings light to a world of darkness and instructs future therapists to help people find their true selves and achieve their life’s potential.”

Mr. Merrit Hartblay, Case Manager Seafield/OTI graduate

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“Mark changed my life!! He is an amazing spiritual force – mentor – guide. There wasn’t a lecture where I didn’t leave class teary eyed. I hope that I can carry his message out into the field. His lectures on NLP changed my life. He helped me find WALDO. Mark is a special person and I hope that you can in some special way recognize him for the gift he gave me and my peers at OTI.”