awaken the spirit within

what if...

I could break free of the
self-limiting internal dialogue?

what if...

I could release myself
from negative emotions?

what if...

I could begin to manifest my positive intentions?

what if...

I could stop re-creating the
familiar negative experiences of my life?


Sleepwalking on a Tightrope

Transcend life’s challenges through learning the Life Balance Advantage

It is time to begin your process of self-awakening! When you lack self-awareness in your life, it’s like walking blindfolded down a long, perilous tightrope. When you attempt to walk along that tightrope with your eyes closed, fumbling in the dark, you will perpetually be falling. With inner balance and your eyes open, the path is challenging, but achievable. With ‘Sleepwalking on a Tightrope’ you will learn how to go from blind to fully self-aware in several important steps.

About Mark

For over 30 years, I have been providing clinical, consultation and training services for individuals and professionals in the areas of personal development, alcohol and drug misuse, sports performance, organizational management and general health and wellness.

I have been employed for over 25 years at Outreach Project a 15-million dollar non-profit agency where I have held the position of Vice President and helped to promote the organization’s mission: “To inspire individuals and families to achieve a life of unlimited potential by developing and delivering the highest quality evidence-based behavioral health services and training.”

Forgiveness is a Process

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letgodDuring this very special time of the year wouldn’t it make implicit sense to focus on the role of forgiveness in our lives?  Forgiveness is misunderstood by so many and yet so important to our overall health. Forgiveness is in its essence a gift to oneself. It creates peace of mind  and inner freedom because we are bound and attached lto anyone & anything from which we are tied emotionally. Forgiveness requires nothing except in an inner release. This release frees us of fear, guilt, and attachment. What’s essential to understand is that forgiveness is a process not an event and its in this very  process that we get rid ourselves of toxic emotions. In the profound words of Nelson Mandela: ” Having a grievance is like drinking poison and thinking it will kill your enemy”. If this holiday season  is the time for you to take quick actionand “let go” of past resentments and grievances – View my YouTube videos which will guide you along this path to forgiveness and life balance. Happy holidays to one and all :)

The 9 Steps

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“9 STEPS” to the 2012 Olympic Games in London

phobay7Let me introduce you to my friend, Phobay Kutu-Akoi.When we first met in February 2008, Phobay, was trying her best to sucessfully complete her St. John’s education while running track. This beautiful young woman who had suffered much adversity in so many aspects of her life, especially during the frequently embattled civil wars in her hometown of Monrovia, Liberia. Phobay and I have worked together through the years focusing on integrating the “9 Steps” . Her jouney all culminates with a celebration of her roots as the official flag-bearer for her home country of Liberia and 100-meter dash on August 3rd and 4th. Please keep Phobay in your prayers during this special time of her life.

1) Awaken to the Spirit that resides within you.
We consist of much more than just than our daily thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings. This Spirit within us can be touched through silence, meditation and other transcendent activities like communing with nature and prayer. During these moments of silent transcendence it would be wise to notice one’s deeper aspirations which can eventually manifest in our lives in the form of meaningful non-coincidences.

2) An essential life lesson to learn is to offer our attention freely.
We would benefit if we started thinking that wherever we go in life we need to bring our personal presence (i.e. care, concern, mindful attention, appreciation, compassion), leaving those we meet in a better place than when I first met them.

3) True and lasting happiness come through experiences of fulfillment.
We search all of our lives for happiness, living the delusion that it will appear during moments of personal wealth, pleasurable experiences or when our soul mate finally appears. The truth is that lasting happiness is a direct result of one’s contributions, spiritual insights, and expansion of our personal and collective consciousness.

4) Accept this present moment.
Many of us live in bondage to time; fearful of the past, anxious over tomorrow and never in the present moment. Allowing for this present moment in time is always the preferred place to be, especially since it’s the only real place one can exist in. This “presence”, coupled with learning to value: response-ability, awareness of our own feelings, and remembering that no one can really harm us emotionally unless we permit them (mentally) to do so. Your life can be determined for you or by you.

5) Notice yourself.
Observe your thoughts and behaviors. Try to avoid getting too attached to your life roles (father, wife, and son) or personal goals; the people, places and things of your life ! Practice shifting your attention towards the Spirit within through self observation (also called “getting out of your own way” )

6) Uncover your life’s purpose.
We are happiest in life when we have come to realize how best to use our life. The words of Howard Thurman reflect this truth best: “There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have. And if you cannot hear it, you will all your life spend your days on the end of strings that someone else pulls”

7) Be passionate about self-discovery.
“Finding Waldo” is the analogy used which stresses mindfulness and being observant of one’s thoughts and behaviors. Are you curious about Waldo? (That’s you!) Do you know that our thoughts are based on our personal belief system and that this stream of consciousness will dictate who we will become? Are you aware that the results of your actions, whether positive or negative, are all realizations granting you valuable feedback?

8) Learn to communicate effectively while positively, influencing others.
Observations of professionals across different professions have made it clear that great communicators have one thing in common: they all successfully influence in specific ways. Before we can ever effectively influence others we must become students of effective interpersonal communication. Remember, the meaning of our communication can always be measured by the response it elicits in another, regardless of our initial intent.

9) Manage your life energy by practicing Life-Balance.
Energy in the human system is multidimensional. A dynamic relationship exists between physical, emotional, mental, interpersonal and spiritual energies. Changes in any one dimension of energy affect all remaining dimensions.

Embrace Change

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Learning to embrace change

embrace_changeChange in everyday life is inevitable. Yet, most of us fight change in our lives because we fear the unknown and it also makes us feel a tad out of control. If our internal battle against our life’s changes become frequent, it’s very easy to get stuck in an emotionally, un-resourceful state of mind: a mental “rut’ that most human beings generally don’t climb out of easily.Becoming aware of our un-resourceful behaviors and attitudes, no matter how dissatisfying our emotions become, is essential to maximizing our potential. Unfortunately, many of us choose (unconsciously) to invest in a limiting, negative belief about their personal life circumstance- emotionally over investing in an attachment to their subjective myth that a specific person, place, thing or feeling is the reason for their unhappiness. Ironically, we end up manifesting that which we most fear, thus becoming the consummate victim in life, breeding continual resentment while becoming evermore reluctant to embrace change.

Always remember that change is possible! We are each the true author of our destiny and not mere victims of our life’s challenges. Our thoughts, words and actions create present moment experiences that later become our future. Every life experience has its own relevance to our personal development and is our soul’s quest to discover it true purpose.

Understanding the process of change is essential. As the old wise tale states;

“One day a man went walking down a familiar street, a path taken by him daily. Unbeknownst to him, he had fallen into an open manhole- finding himself in total darkness, frozen in fear and having no idea where he was. Later that same day, after being rescued from the manhole earlier, upon return home he preceded to fall into the same manhole. Once again, ridden with fear due to the darkness, he found himself perplexed has to how he could have fallen, again. On his way to work the following day, he recognized this street with the menacing manhole only to watch himself walk right into it. Only this time, he had recognized where he was and appearing familiar to him, allowed him to find his own way out. The following week, he not only remembered his past misfortunes, he consciously chose to travel another path altogether thereby avoiding any future darkness.”

Have you ever been frozen within life’s fearful experiences and have no idea as to what actions to take next? Learning how to “be still” within, in order to discover the best path of action, requires life balance skills.

Interested in a “Life Balance Boot Camp” experience? (Reserved for those who are serious about making rapid life changes) Participate in a series of 60-90 minutes sessions focusing on becoming mentally focused, physically energized, emotionally centered, interpersonally connected and spiritually aligned. Ongoing personalized assessment, including prioritizing needed life changes to maximize Life Balance, and long term evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of selected life changes will be included. The Life Balance Boot Camp experience can be facilitated in a series of individual or within a small group experiences (limited to 6-8 students).

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